Overall through our experience we have noticed that transferring the timeshare or donating it to another willing party is typically more cost efficient. However finding a needle in a haystack is more likely to occur than finding a willing participant to take over the timeshare these days. This is simply because not many are willing to make that commitment. Needless to say though at the end of the day the ball is in your court and the decision to play is completely up to you.

  • Pine Tree Consultants: Pine Tree Consultants, LLC is a consumer protection agency based out of Portland Maine. Maine is a state that has been built on trust, integrity, and hard work. Maines have a true belief in staying true to their word. The Pine Tree Consultants team specializes in consumer protection laws, rights and they always deliver as promised, on time. Our team has established a great connection with the community and provided a great deal of service for Mainers even beyond the consumer advocacy program. Providing support at the local soup kitchens, family shelters, and assisting many housing programs.
  • The Advocates: Each of our clients are assigned their own personal advocate to answer any questions or provide any assistance. Not only are they professionals but they are also punctual. Your advocate will always get back to you in a timely manner. At Pine Tree Consultants we understand your urgency for answers to any questions or concerns you may have. To ease your stress on availability to contact your personal advocate, our customer service dedicates 12 hours of each business day to ensure all of your questions are promptly answered. For whatever reasons they are unavailable at the moment, our expectations along with our guidelines have a strict policy about returning phone calls in a timely fashion. We can strongly assure you that your advocate will get back to you, and respect your time. We all know the timeshare can be more of a burden to bear of itself, so we try to alleviate that stress as much as possible!