How does Pine Tree Consultants L.L.C. help timeshare owners?

Pine Tree Consultants help timeshare owners get out of their deeds, contracts, and/or memberships with the resort -without it negatively affecting their credit score.

What if I think I have been a victim of fraud or misrepresentation?

You can fill out our questionnaire, then one of our consultants will be available for a follow up phone call.

Does your service get me off of the deed and free from any future obligations for the timeshare?

Yes, you will not have to worry about your timeshare again!

Does it protect your credit?

Pine Tree Consultants will ensure your credit is not impacted throughout the process.

What is your overall success rate?

We have a 96% success rate at Pine Tree Consultants.

What if my timeshare is located outside of the United States?

Pine Tree Consultants work with resorts all over the world.