Our Services


  • Doc Prep: Here at Pine Tree Consultants LLC we have experts review and approve our documents to ensure quality and professionalism is displayed throughout every square inch of the document. Clients have the option of receiving all of the paperwork in advance in good faith. Once received, they would carry out the service or they are more than welcome to request our assistance in the preparation of the forms. Our seasoned advocates will give a helping hand throughout the duration of the agreement to assure you everything is handled properly.
  • Advocacy: Our team of advocates specialize in consumer protection laws and rights. They have committed their duties to raising consumer rights awareness and informing consumers with their options. Most consumers are unaware they have consumer protection laws and rights and our team is fully equipped with a plethora of resources and knowledge to help their clients become more aware of all they have to offer to help resolve and avoid any future situations you may be unknowingly experiencing!
  • Regulatory Agency: Our Team of Advocates go above and beyond the call of duty. The experienced advocates will help their clients reach out to a significant number of regulatory agencies to assist in the dispute. We all know that sometimes we might feel a little out matched when we are dealing with a business that might seem a bit intimidating due to its size and reputation. Which is why we at Pine Tree Consultants, point clients in the right direction of utilizing all their regulatory agencies. Regulatory agencies have a great influence on balancing the scales. They will actually look into the matter for you if it seems fit. It may or may not be in their jurisdiction but they will most certainly point you in the right direction. Some will even take a hands on approach and mediate the dispute for you!
  • Credit Dispute: Not many clients are aware of the fact that they can actually dispute items on their credit report that are not valid reporting’s. Consumer protection laws and rights are there to ensure fair trade is taking place and consumers are protected from misleading sales practices. At Pine Tree Consultants, we can help clients prepare their letters that they themselves can then send to the credit reporting agencies to dispute the validity of any such reporting.
  • Deed Back: A timeshare deed back is the process of you willingly signing the deed for your timeshare back to the resort. This may sound simple, but just because you want to give your unit back doesn’t mean the resort will provide consent. The resort must willingly accept the deed back and depending on the situation they may or may not be obligated to do so.
  • Transfer: A transfer is a great choice for timeshare owners who simply want to transfer the timeshare to another willing owner. Given the timeshare owner has found a willing participant to take over the timeshare, we may help assist in the preparation of the transfer. It is a meticulous process that we can help clients execute very efficiently.
  • Donations: This timeshare may be donated to someone or an organization of your choosing and we can assist you in the donation process. The donation may then be written off on your taxes at the full expense of the timeshare and the fee for the donation services. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a party to donate it to though.