In case you are trying to know which method to give back timeshare will work best, you are probably having trouble with your finances – just like many other timeshare property owners. You can sell your timeshare to prospective buyers.

Act without delay

You should make haste. The laws for rescission tend to differ from one state to another. Know about the one in your state. You will find a form in the document that was handed over to you at the time of signing the contract. This would inform you what you need to do in case you change your opinion. On that form, you will find the date by which you should act. The time is as less as 4 days in a few states. You can fill the form and send it via registered mail to leave a paper trail.

Explain your situation on phone

Even in case the date of rescission has passed, do not give up. Call the timeshare company that you purchased the property from. Explain your situation and why you had a change of heart. Although the company is not legally bound to entertain your request, since you have signed an agreement, there is a small chance that they may grant your wish to give back the timeshare. Try to contact the head office of the company if the local office turns you down.

Get legal help

In case you feel that you have been pressurized or tricked into signing the timeshare agreement, you can get in touch with a lawyer and explain the situation to him. If he feels that the legal method to give back timeshare will work best, your lawyer might assist you in getting you out of the agreement or at least renegotiate the contract on your behalf.

Sell the timeshare

In case you find that no other method to give back timeshare will work best, you can attempt to sell your timeshare property. You can elevate your chances by using the services of a timeshare broker, given the fact that those in search of a timeshare property will look up for the same online.